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FAQ'S for Beginners

How will I be rated?

If you are new to sorting and a relatively new rider you will be rated as a 1. Unless you have worked cattle, have extensive cutting or roping experience, you will likely be rated a 1.

What classes should I enter as a beginner? 

The best classes for beginners are :

  • The #10  Beginner Ranch Hand  In this class the beginner ranch sorter competes only against other beginner ranch sorters as the beginners stay in the herd and sort the cattle, while the gate person works the gate. Since only beginner sorters are in the herd, this class offers the best opportunity for a beginner to win a check. In fact, all top 10 placings will have a #1 beginner rated rider on their team.  AND GUESS WHAT RSOA members are committed to helping our beginners.  We are the only association that offers a guarantee to all beginners that even if they sign up for 6 draws (looking for 6 partners) RSOA will guarantee our beginners that most if not all of their rides will be with higher rated riders.  

  • The 1/1 All Beginner Sort  This class was designed for beginner sorters to compete with each other and not be forced to compete with higher rated, more experienced riders.  This class consists of 2 beginner sorters on each team.  instead of sorting on 10 cows, they sort on herds of 7 cows, and they sort for only 30 or 45 seconds.  Learn more

How do I find people to ride with?

That’s the best part.  You don’t have to. You have the option to draw all of your rides and you will automatically draw other riders. Each rider is required to have at least one draw in every class they ride in.  For example if a rider finds a partner for 2 rides, they will put down their 2 rides and then automatically receive 1 draw for a total of 3 rides.  If you want all draws, simply sign up all draws. Any combination works, so long as you have 1 draw.  So if there is a 6 ride limit in a class, you can choose 2 and take 1,2,3,or 4 draws. 

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