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The Texas Superior Animal Waterer is a watering device unlike any other on the market. It has only one moving part: the float. The float is configured in a fixed location, functions to maintain a constant water level within the waterer, and operates without needing to be adjusted. The float maintains the water level at a depth of approximately 2½” from the bottom of the water box, which consists of approximately 1 gallon of water. The Texas Superior Animal Waterer also comes with a removable, stainless steel float cover to keep it's one moving part covered and protected.

​Texas Superior's rapid refill rate allows an animal to drink continuously until satisfied. It can receive an incoming water flow at a rate of approximately 200-240 gallons per hour, and an incoming water pressure ranging from 20-40 psi, with 35 psi being recommended. We offer installation kits to attach the Texas Superior Animal Waterer into your existing water system, or manually connect a garden hose with the 1" female garden hose connection. Unlike many other waterers on the market, the sides of the Texas Superior Animal Waterer are configured at a height that is well above the fixed water level maintained by the float, thereby limiting the ability of an animal to splash water out.

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