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Head-to-Head Sort

The Head-to-Head Sort is unique to RSOA and is certainly one of the most  fun sorting events to participate in.  This class adds an element of strategy to the competition and is surely a crowd pleaser... in this class the smart sorter may have an advantage over the better sorter

Here's How the Head-to-Head Sort works...

Two teams sort Head-to-Head right beside each other at the same time.  Only one team wins and progresses to the next round.  We start with a limited number of teams IE.16 teams, progress to 8, 4, 2, and then one team prevails!  The dynamics of this class are truly unique.  If the team next to you is sorting fast and bringing a lot of cows, you may want to do the same.  Or, is it safer to slow down?  You could win with one head if the other team blows out!  In fact, if the other team blows out before your team, you win!  You only have to beat the team that you're sorting against to progress to the next round!  

The Head-to-Head sort follows all of the standard rules of RSOA Sorting with the following exceptions.

Each rider may compete in only one team per Head-2-Head class

  1. Both teams will ride at the same time in both Pen 1 and Pen 2.

  2. Both teams must start with some portion of both riders horses within 2 feet of the back gate.

  3. the judge will ensure that the riders are in place and ready.

  4. The judge will then raise the flag and the announcer will announce, "the judges is ready" and then announce a number. 

  5. The judge will then drop the flag, one number will be called for both teams, and the timer will begin. 

  6. Both teams begin their sort with the same # cow.

  7. Both teams run on the same 60 second clock.

  8. The class will not be handicapped. 

  9. The team with the largest # of cows in the fastest time shall progress to the next round. 

  10. Each round starts with a clean slate,  Winners will not retain their cow count. 

  11. In the event of a tie of both cattle and time, then those teams will compete again in a sudden death round.   

  12. If both competing teams blow out, the team that blows out first will be eliminated and the other team will advance.  

  13. If a cow doubles back into the sorting pen, no re-ride will be given.  

  14. If for any reason one team is given a re-ride, and accepts the re-ride, then the opposing team will also have the OPTION of receiving a re-ride.   


To register for the HEAD-2-HEAD classes at the Akron, CO event please complete the information below.

H2H Registration
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