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1/1 All Beginner Sort

Created by RSOA this class is taking the Ranch Sorting world by storm! 

Here's how it all started..... During one of our events last year, our founder Joe Sansone noticed that there was a huge desire for beginners to compete with other riders of the same beginner status.  

The Problem:  It is difficult for beginner sorters to be on the same team because beginner ranch sorters are not adept at working the gate and they continually blow-out.

The Solution:  We reduced the herd from 10 cows to 7 cows and reduced the time to sort down to just 30 seconds.  

Now, in the 1/1 All Beginner Sort, beginners can now sort much more competitively and have many more successful runs.    Now replicated by others across the country, this class is taking the sorting world by storm and adds a lot of excitement for the beginner sorters.  

beginner ranch sorting
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