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Welcome to Ranch Sorting of America! You might be asking… “What is this RSOA?” Well, here’s our story… We are Joe and Wendy Sansone. We have a crazy love of Ranch Sorting, and all things cow and horse. We’ve been participating in the sport for quite a few years now (Joe a lot longer than Wendy).

We love to compete, and we just can’t seem to get enough! All four of our children sort with us, and quite frankly what's more fun than sharing your favorite past time with your spouse and children?  Our passion for ranch sorting competitions became quite a lifestyle for us; going to as many competitions as we could cram into a month.

Although there are several associations putting on lots of shows, we just thought we could simplify things, create a friendlier environment (and do away with the drunks). Some shows just weren’t a fit for us lower level riders, some weren’t family friendly, and others that we really enjoyed were just too far away for us to attend regularly. So, what should we do?

Plain and simple… put on some fun shows so we can sort with our kids and our friends, and hopefully introduce the sport to some new people! In all honestly, we came up with the association because we wanted a cool logo to put on the buckles for our shows. But in reality, it became something that we have gotten pretty excited about


So if you are interested in something a little different, a little more fun, and seek out a friendly, supportive environment to compete in, then come join us.  But rest assured. We have no intention of damaging any producer and we will never be big enough to even put a dent in the existing associations. (We still ride at them, and encourage others to do so as well.) There are more than enough associations, riders and events around Texas to keep us all busy. We just wanted a supportive fun environment that fosters sportsman like competition where we could sort with fun people.  Come check us out!


Well, for now the plan is - we are going to put on some super fun, family-oriented, exciting shows with a whole bunch of amazing prizes! In the event that other producers would decide to become involved with RSOA, then we would aggressively pursue growing the association. Our goal is to offer a high degree of scrutiny to ensure a well-run, family friendly show. We’ll see where that takes us! We just hope that people will join us for some fun family sorting!

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