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Welcome to Ranch Sorting of America! RSOA was founded in 2018, and here is our story…


Our Founder Joe Sansone was introduced to Ranch Sorting at the early age of 50; in fact, he hopped on a horse for the first time just the year before.  Since the first time he sorted, Joe Sansone developed a crazy love of Ranch Sorting, Team Penning, and all things cow and horse.


We hosted our first event in 2018 and were blown away with 928 first run teams.  It seems that we had struck a chord with ranch sorting and team penning riders, and perhaps these competitors were looking for something different.


Joe Sansone
  • We are About Fun: Although we all love to compete and win, we are here to have fun.  From the music to the whimsical prizes to the amusing games we play; fun comes first. You’ll notice an immediate difference in our events.


  • Everyone Can Be Competitive:  Many of our classes cater to beginner, and intermediate riders, not just the higher rated professionals. (although we LOVE our higher rated riders and welcome them with open arms) We have classes for the higher rated riders as well! 


  • New Members Welcome: Don’t know anyone?  No partners to ride with? Never sorted before?  No worries, just show up, we’ll match you up with a RSOA Ambassador that will show you around, introduce you to people and help you get rides.  If you want, you can draw your partners for every ride.  We make it easy for you, and if you are a beginner, read about the Beginner Ranch Hand class below…


  • Competitions for Beginners:  Don’t worry about having to compete with the higher rated riders.  We have competition classes for beginners whereby beginners only compete with each other! They stay in the herd and we partner each beginner with a more experienced rider.  You don’t need to know anyone.  RSOA guarantees that we will make sure you have partners in this class.   



  • We Love Our Kids:  We offer 2 youth classes at every show.  The #10 Beginner Youth which partners a true beginner youth with an adult (rides at no-charge).  The adults will work the gate and help the newer riders.  We also offer a #6 Youth so our youth can ride together.


  • Family Friendly Events:  The drunken debauchery, profanity, and arguments that may be prevalent elsewhere does not exist at RSOA events.  Producers are able to use their discretion to insure that only family friendly riders are present.  We don’t mind alcohol, and some riders do partake, but in moderation or later at the trailer. 


  • Supportive Camaraderie:  We know what it is like to pull up to an event, not knowing many competitors, and there are little cliques all around.  And heaven forbid you make a mistake and your partner bites your head off.  We are a friendly group that loves to compete, but we Pen and Sort for fun, not as a means to earn a living. 



  • Year End Prizes:  We offer 9 Custom Double J saddles and 36 other awards at our year end finals event.  Prizes are given to each of the following categories:


  • 1 rated rider

  • 2 rated rider

  • 3 rated rider

  • 4 rated rider

  • 5 -9 rated rider

  • Circus Sort

  • Team Penning

  • Youth

  • Masters

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