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Bluebonnet Feeds #6 Class

Bluebonnet Feeds #12 Class

Guaranteed $65,000
Payback at the 2023 Finals 

The Highest Payout EVER for any RSOA classes! 

All teams in the top-10 (or 30% of the teams in the class) for the #6 and #12 class at each event will qualify to ride the same Bluebonnet Feeds Class at the 2023 World Finals Event.  With a #6 Sort and #12 Sort, riders of all levels can be competitive and qualify for the huge payout at the finals!  



Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I qualify to ride at the Bluebonnet Feeds Classes at the World Finals? 

    • A rider must meet the requirements to ride in the RSOA World Finals Event. Riders must have: 

      • 1) competed in at least 5 different RSOA sanctioned events, riding a minimum of 6 rides per event; or

      • 2) Qualify for the State Finals in their State;

      • 3) competed in at least 3 different RSOA Events riding a minimum of 60 rides total.

      • The same requirements for the added money are in place for the Bluebonnet Feeds Classes

  • At most RSOA events 2 Bluebonnet Feeds Classes (#6 Sort, and #12 Sort) will be offered.  The top 30% of teams from each class (but not less than 10 teams) will automatically qualify (as a team) for the Bluebonnet Feeds Finals Event. 

  1. How many times can a rider enter the Bluebonnet Feeds Classes? 

    • Riders may ride up t6 to 8 times in each Bluebonnet Feeds Class leading up to the finals. 

    • At the World Finals Event each rider may ride as many qualified teams as they desire up to 20 teams in each Bluebonnet Feeds Class plus their draws. (maximum of 22 rides)

    • Also the same 2 rider teams can only ride with each other a maximum of 4 times in EACH of the Bluebonnet Feeds Classes. ​

  2. If a rider drops some of his qualified teams for the World Finals Event, what happens to him and his partner that is dropped?

The partner that is dropped has the option of finding an additional qualifying partner that has qualified rides available, or simply replace those rides with draws. However the partner that dropped the ride cannot replace the dropped partner. He has forfeited that ride.

4.  How many draw rides are required?

The following outlines the required draws for each rider.  These draw teams are in addition to your qualified pick teams that you ride at the World Finals Event.

# of Pick Teams   # of Required Draws

  1 - 10                                     1

  11+                                         2


5.  Is there a limit to the amount of draw rides I can take?

A rider is limited in the number of draws they can take only by the number of qualifying rides available. For example if a rider has 15 qualified teams and only 10 of his partners agree to ride with him at the finals event, that rider may choose 5 additional draws to replace his incomplete teams, (IN ADDITTION to the required # of draws).   Or a rider can choose to only take the required # of draws.

6.  What is the cost of each entry for the Bluebonnet Feeds Class and what is the Payout? 

  • Ride prices at non-finals events are increased $5. 

  • Ride prices for Bluebonnet Feeds Classes at the World Finals are $50. 

Standard association sanctioning fees of $3.00 are added to each run, as with every other class.

7.  How do we register our teams for the finals event?

RSOA will create a list of qualified teams throughout the year and a finalized list November 4 2021.You may select your teams in advance through the website prior to our World Finals Event.


8.    What happens if a riders rating is moved up during the year resulting in the team rating being higher than the class limit? 

If a team qualifies and the riders ratings are changed later in the year, that team will still be allowed to ride in the Bluebonnet Feeds Class e.g. If a #4 rated rider and a #2 rated rider qualify in the #6 sort and mid-year the #2 rated rider is moved to a #3; that team will still be allowed to compete in the Bluebonnet Feeds #6 class even though their team rating is a 7. 

However, qualifying teams are allowed to exceed the class limit by 1 rating point only.  IE if a team with a team rating of 6 qualifies and both riders are moved up 1 rating point, and the team rating would be an 8, then that team MAY NOT compete at finals.  If just 1 rider is moved up and the team rating is 7, that team would be allowed to compete.

9.    What happens if a rider is moved up during the year and his partner drops him/her?

The same rules apply (see #2) BUT the rider may not exceed the class limit (6 or 12) unless they had already exceeded the limit with the forfeiting rider.  IE  IF a rider was moved up from a 3 to a 4 during the year, and a 1 rated rider dropped them, the rider may choose a 1 or a 2, but not a 3 to replace the other rider.  

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