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The Texas state points are earned in Texas and count towards the Texas State Finals (and also the RSOA World points) The 2023 Texas State Finals will be held  August 18-20 2023.  Every show riders attend in TX , counts towards this competition.  

The points race began after our 2022 State Finals Event and will culminate at the RSOA Texas State Finals in 2023. The following guidelines apply, and may change or be amended from time to time.

                                 The CASH COW SERIES will offer $8,000 in added money at the 2023       
                                    Texas State Finals.  To qualify for the CASH COW SERIES riders must ride     
                                 4 shows Texas shows IN 2023 with a minimum of 6 rides at each event 






In order to qualify for the Texas State Finals, riders must have 1) competed in at least 5 Texas Events riding a minimum of 6 rides each event; OR 2) competed in at least 3 Texas Events riding a minimum of 60 rides total; OR 3) Youth riders rated 1 must have completed in 3 different events with a total of 15 rides.  Riders must be present at the State Finals Event, riding a minimum of 8 rides at the finals event to be eligible for State Finals awards.  


Saddle Winners will each receive a custom Double J Trophy Saddle.  These are not your typical trophy saddles.  Each winner will design his or her own saddle.  Winners choose size, type, color, tooling, conchos, stirrups, and every aspect of their saddle.  Winners can even bring their horse in for a custom fitting.  You cannot beat the quality of a Custom Double J Saddle!


  • Each high point winner is eligible for only one saddle.  

    • Should a rider place first in two different categories then he/she will receive the award with the largest number of points. IE if a rider places first in the youth division and first in the 3 rated rider division, then that rider would receive the saddle for first place in the 3 rated rider division(assuming they had accumulated more points in the 3 rated rider division, and the second place award for the youth division.

Riders can receive multiple awards in multiple prize categories (excepting the aforementioned saddle)  All 2nd-5th place winners will receive the award they qualified for.  However if a rider places first in 2 different categories, that rider will receive the 2nd place award and subsequent riders will receive the 3rd-5th place awards.  A rider could receive awards in multiple divisions. 


  • The State Finals Competition shall be a double point’s show for all classes with less than 100 teams.  For classes with 100 teams of over the points will remain the same.  IE if there is a class of 120 teams the winner of the class will receive 20 points not 40 points. 

Points for every class will count towards the Division Points with the exception of the Youth, Penning, and Legends.

  • Youth points will accumulate from the following classes throughout the year.  

  • Youth Sorting AND Youth Penning Classes 

  • Sorting classes with a team limit of 6 or lower (IE #6 sort, #4 sort) 

  • #10 Beginner Ranch Hand and True Beginner Ranch Hand 


Should a rider move from one division to another, the rider shall transfer only those points accumulated up to the amount equal to the number of points the current first place holder in the new division has accumulated.  IE if a rider is moved from the 2 division to the 3 division, and

  • has accumulated 210 points​, and

  • the leader of the 3 division has accumulated 195 points

  • then the rider transferring to the 3 division shall transfer only 195 points


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