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Kiss Class Rules



o Anyone may ride in the KISS CLASS.

o There are no draws.

o Each team may ride up to two times.

o At the beginning of the run, immediately after the cow # is 

   called, the riders must kiss for a period of 5 seconds.  (A kiss is     defined as the lips of both partners touching.)

o The partners must begin kissing once the first cow  # is called. 

o If the partners do not kiss for a full 5 seconds they will receive a     2 cow, 10 second penalty.

o The judge may use his discretion if the partners’ horses force

   the riders to detach lips during the kiss and not charge a 

   penalty.  The judge will determine if both riders attempted to 

   kiss.  Regardless, the couple must kiss, or attempt to kiss for a

   minimum of 5 seconds.  

o Riders much kiss one additional time AFTER the 30 second 

   buzzer, but before the final buzzer.  This kiss  can be as brief as

   the couple desires, but their lips  must touch.  


o If the riders do not kiss between the 2 buzzers then  they will be disqualified

We know what you're thinking ... Rules? Really!!! For a fun Kiss Class???

But remember, money and prizes are on the line... Let's establish some ground rules...

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