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Sorting Clinic

This is not a classroom clinic, we will be sorting on cattle in the competition arena!

Get a leg up on your fellow competitors at  our April Sorting Show.  

Clinic fee $125

Each clinic participant recieves one free ride during Saturdays competition.  Value $35

Westin Raub.jpg

Take advantage of this unique opportunity on Friday 4/12/19 6:00-8:00 PM.

National Champion Weston Raub will be offering a sorting  clinic designed to benefit beginners to intermediate riders. 


Weston has a unique ability to transform students abilities by highlighting what each student should focusing on to improve their sorting.   

National Champion Weston Raub

The clinic will take place at the Elite Western Arena in Mount Pleasant, TX prior to our April Sorting Show.

Don't miss out, limited number of slots available.  To register call or text 281 785 1709 or click the link below...

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