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  1. Riders will form teams of four members.  Each team must have one (1) member from the following ratings categories: 1, 2, 3, and 4 -5 rated rider.

  2. Team Members then ride at the RSOA National Finals as they normally do.  Ride any class with anyone.

  3. Points for each member of the team from the following classes will be totaled to determine the teams total score.  

            #10 Beginner Ranch Hand




           #13 Mix

5.  Points are accrued as per RSOA guidelines.

6.  Points accrued for the RSOA Team Sorting Competition do not affect any other point   

      competition.   They  are separate and independent.  

7.  Then, on Sunday the real excitement begins. The 3 teams with the highest number of points will          advance into the Team Sorting Finals Class.  In the event of a tie, the total number of cows   

      sorted will determine the tie-breaker.  

8.  At the  RSOA Team Sorting Finals on Sunday, all previous team points are erased and all teams 

     start with a clean slate.  

9.  Each team rider will ride with each of their team members once.  The number of head sorted and       time during all of your teams runs in the finals will be totalled for each team to determine the   

     winner (much like a round robin).  

10.  The RSOA Team Sorting Finals will not be handicapped with a 60 second time limit.    ​

11 The team with the most cattle sorted in the fasted time wins the RSOA Team Sorting Event.  The   

      winnings will be split evenly amongst all team members.  

12. The cost to compete in the Team Sorting event is $50 per person ($200/team) with a 80%   

     payback to the winning team.

13.  No substitutions are allowed.

14.  Riders may compete on 2 different teams.  Teams cannot be duplicated.  


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