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When LJ Crossey retired from 2 years of producing RSOA events in CO,  I was happy for him, but also kinda sad because I still wanted RSOA to have a presence in Colorado.  What happened next shocked me!

I received a call from one of our Colorado riders desperate to ensure RSOA would stay in CO.  Then another, and another, until I was overwhelmed with calls.  Calls from loyal RSOA members that loved the RSOA way.  They loved the sorting and penning, they love the laid back atmosphere, they loved the fair rating system, the rider friendly rules, they talked about the saddle races EVERY YEAR and all the prizes RSOA gave away.


It seems that a funny thing happened in Colorado.  RSOA made sorting and penning fun again.  Simple things, like no dress code, no cliques, pulling bad cattle, and a fun whimsical atmosphere really resounded with riders; and Colorado fell in love with the RSOA way.
We have committed to a great future in Colorado!  Fantastic Venues, a minimum of $30,000 added money, the Outlaw Challenges in Akron CO. Live Video Feeds, Estes Park, the list is endless.   

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