Ranch Sorting of America (RSOA)  offers Ranch Sorting to its Texas members in a safe, fun, affordable and well-run environment.  Our Ranch Sorting goal is to promote the sport of Ranch Sorting in a professional and fair manner, simplifying the sorting competition and offering reasonable, common sense solutions and a sense of fairness for all of our members.  As such we strive to be an ethical and responsible sorting organization; adhering to the highest standards in the industry. 

RSOA was founded to allow families and friends to come together to both compete and ride with each other in a ranch sorting atmosphere that promotes fun, sportsmanlike competition, in a friendly open environment.  We strive to develop a community of supportive sorting riders who help each other to grow and improve their sorting skills. 

Ranch Sorting for Beginners...

'Don't be nervous.  We are a family of sorters that support each other.  Let our members know that you are new and they will walk you through the process.  Our classes are designed such that you can ride with and compete with your peers.  Many of our Ranch Sorting classes are designed for beginners and newer riders.  

Youth Sorting...

We foster a family oriented sorting environment.  Bring the kids!  There is always adult riders available to coach and ride with them in the youth classes.  Don't worry the classes are divided into beginner and advanced youth.

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